Firm’s Special Qualifications

The best buildings begin with conversations among the client, architect, consultants and the community. To initiate the process, the design team and the client meet to identify and understand key project issues, develop the project’s program and timelines, evaluate the site, identify environmental and life-cycle issues, and establish and review the budget. For us the key is having vision for every project and communicating that vision clearly to the entire design team. Each project comes with its own unique challenges which have to be solved in creative, collaborative and direct ways. We recognize that the vision for any project begins with a conversation between people about a need, or a problem, or a dream. That’s why we spend a lot of time listening and asking questions before we start a design process. We engage on every project as a team. Our approach to a design is a natural outgrowth of the way we work every day. We rely on each other and a great consultant team. We respect each other’s thoughts and opinions. We expect the best out of each other. That is the same attitude that we carry into our conversations with our clients: Rely, Respect, and Expect the best.

 As architects, engineers, and designers, we live and breathe buildings. The same basic principles hold, no matter what the building type is or how large or small the project. Our approach is to solve a facilities problem in the most functional way, do it in the most cost effective and timely way, and make a building that has lasting value into future generations. We use a variety of tools to accomplish that task, whether it is advanced design software, project management applications, cost analysis, or pencil and sketch paper, our methods are focused on delivering the best building our clients deserve. That is our purpose on every project we undertake.

 We provide leadership and unsurpassed service that begins with studies of the project’s site, program, budget, and special issues and restrictions. The information gained from these studies informs all phases of the project from the earliest concept to post-occupancy evaluation. We expect each client to be our most valued collaborator throughout the design process. Through extensive analysis, we provide comprehensive, well-documented information that anticipates problems and allows the client to make educated decisions about the design, schedule, and budget every step along the way.

 Our leadership and attention to detail are reflected first in the conceptual design process, then in the level of detail for the drawings and specifications, and throughout the pre-construction process to final completion of the project, with on-site design management. SRG Architects, LLC focuses on producing aesthetically pleasing designs with efficiency in planning, cost and life cycle analysis, functionality, flexibility and primary material selection at the project’s earliest stages. Designing within a broad architectural vocabulary, we create buildings that are tailored to each client’s needs aesthetically, functionally, and on budget. We will be committed in exceeding your objectives, budget, timelines and goals.